Pride Tattoos
Wearing That PRIDE For Life!!
Like to submit your tattoo...please e-mail picture and I will add it.
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My first tattoo... I figured if I was going to have a website where everyone has a place to display tattoos, I guess I needed to take the plunge and get one too.
Was done by Beau at Mothership Tattoo & Piercing at Pismo Beach, California

I lost my partner in Dec 2007..I still miss her terrible.
I am still single and I felt something was missing.
I went today and got my gay pride tattoo with the
cross and my initial C and hers J...
We were a Lesbian couple for 19 yrs.


done by Pete at Kyklops in Pittsburgh.


My pride tattoo is a symbol to me. It reminds me that my happiness should never be sacrificed for others' acceptance. I got it done in early February 2009 at a tattoo parlor called Shadow of Illusions in Owensboro, KY. Kyle


Jessica's girlfriend's pride tat

Jessica's pride tats

Jessica's latest Gay Pride tattoo



The first one is a tribal tattoo with the rainbow running through it which i have on my back running across my shoulders.  the other is the double male symbol...I got this for me and my ex partner...the rainbow portion stood for me and the red white and blue one stood for him and his naval career. 

My name is Mandi and I'm from UK.
I have enclosed my tattoo the pride stars represent my g/f who is my star and the symbol underneath means.....
 If you look at it it looks like a L for Lisa my partner
Look at it rotated and its a M for Mandi (me)
Look at it diagonal and its a S for Sam our son
Its also the Angelic Symbol for Friendship because they are my best friends x

To me its stands for Pride, and to me it means Gay Love!



4 Tattoo pictures below taken at Brisbane's 2008 Pride Festival in Australia


The musical notes is on my right bicep.  Judy is my partner for life and we are getting married on October 4, 2008. 
Her name is on my left ankle. Thanks Deb L. Adkinson


first tat done on Sept. 15, 2007

second girlfriend's name "Nicole"
done on Feb. 23, 2008


Julie Leapline's freshly done on left forearm 2 female symbols formed by 2 double bladed axes with rainbow blades

I'm not gay but I support it 100%..
my best friends are gay, so in honor if them I got.. =) ..
also the martini glass symbolizes where I met them

Shawn Wellington's PRIDE Tattoo

"one on each shoulder. Done by Kim at
 Urge studios Victoria BC"


right calf at Permanent Impressions in Lemoyne, PA.

'carrie's labrys pride infinity arm band'


done by Terri Morgan from SoCal Tattoo in San Pedro.



INK'D at Hatteras Ink Tattoo in Frisco NC on Cape Hatteras National Seashore
On the top of my left foot


nice greets :) . .from Germany :) Janine


Bi Pride Tat

Bi Pride Pooh

Taken at Australia Gold Coast Gay Day


Taken at Australia Gold Coast Gay Day 


I thought I would submit the picture of my newest tattoo.  It's my gay pride tattoo, however I am not gay.  I support 100%.  My uncle is gay, and had to move away halfway across the US so that my small town wouldn't find out.  My grandparents accept it, but still don't tell friends or family.  Only the closest relatives know, and it saddens me.  I only get to see him about once every other year.  So I got this for Rodney and John, my uncles.

The single one says "love and the one with two characters says "freedom."
 AKA freedom to love.


the philosophy that this symbol always
struck me as something to live by, it means...
Infinite Diversity, Infinite Combinations
in other words that which makes us great as a
race is or differences so those
differences should be celebrated not hidden


Eric and his Tats

Left forearm done by Victory Tattoo, Chico CA

the blue star is my god son and the red start is my gf's daughter

Laura from Fairfield, CA  (Done By Jacques at Tattoo Asylum)


Designed by Scott at Living Ink tattoo in Corbin, KY. 
 I am a Tattoo Artist in S.E. Missouri and I have quite a few gay friends that want or have gotten Tats. While trying to get some ideas for designs I came across your sight.
 I am reaching out to you and your web site members to help me put together some ideas for Tats.....
 This may not be something you have ever gotten a request for before, but, If I could get some artistic Ideas for Gay Pride Tats it would really help out.  With a lot of the Ideas I see on your site, it would be great to put together a compilation of Gay Pride Tat designs for my future customer base I hope to gain here....
 Here is a sample of a Tat I did for a friend of mine, Her and her Partner were awesome throughout the whole sitting....We had a great time and the Tat turned out great....
 So, if you would plug it for me, I would appreciate the Ideas or Drawings/Pictures.... They can send them to this email and I would greatly be appreciated....
 Thank You,
 Capone     email:




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